Reena O'Hara
Artist Statement
My art is a reaction to an event or feeling, reflecting the mood in which I dwell at the time.  My work is meant to be a testament to humanity and the feelings, I or we, as the human race experience. It pores forth and “is”, not to tell a story or make a point, is pores forth because it demands to exist – to take form and live. I express through several mediums, in collaboration with the idea itself: Oil painting, sculpture, charcoal, pencil and ink.  My art is living thoughts or ideas that ask me to be their conduit to manifest.
Reena was a hobby artist for a lot of years, whom decided after 15 years of office work to pursue her love of art as a profession.  She has an Associates degree in Studio Arts.  She's also a member of few art organization in her area.
2018  "Once is Not Enough", Art Central in San Luis Obispo

2018  "Jewel Box", San Luis Obispo Art Museum"